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The Collegiate of Santa MarĂ­a la Mayor
The Collegiate church of Santa María la Mayor de Bolea (Huesca) was erected between 1541 and 1559 by the master Pedro de Irazabal, he was vasque. The current building rests of the foundations of the Romanesque temple. The elements architectual are the Gothic and Reinaissance style.

Main altarpiece is a masterpiece at the beginning of the Reinaissance, it was built between 1490 and 1503. It’s a splendid combination of twenty panels painted in tempera and fifty seven polychrome wood carvings.Carvings and ornamentation of the altarpiece are the work of the Flemish master Gil de Brabant, and the marvellous pictures painted by the Master of bolea, an anonymous painter who used stylistic devices of Flemish and Italian style.

The Collegiate Church of Bolea was declared a national Monument of Historic and Artistic Value on 23rd february 1983, it’s the seat of the Parish Church of Bolea, it forms part of the Artistic Property of the Diocese of Huesca.

It’s maintenance, protection and publicity for cultural and tourist purposes is the responsibility of the Association of friends of the Collegiate Church of Bolea, a non-profit making association. It was created in 1991 by public initiative and has got 440 associate members.

Asociación de Amigos de la Colegiata de Bolea - C/Medio Nº 3 - 22160 - BOLEA (Huesca)