Main Altarpiece
Altarpiece of San Sebastian
Altarpiece of Santiago
Baroque Altarpieces
Sober and elegant, and carved in walnut and oak wood (1500). The place where the chapter of the temple gathered, consisting of clergy and prebendaries for Gregorian plainsong and to administer the rites of conventual mass. The medallions appearing on the armrests of the seats are decorated with motifs from alchemy such as the Rose of Ripley, the Fleur de Lys, water, air, fire, earth, harmony, "the Baphomet", etc. The revolving lectern contains books of the psalms on parchment (lambskin) manuscripts from the 18th century, handwritten by the monks of the Servite order from the monastery of La Trinidad (The Trinity) in Bolea.
Photographs: Santiago Castilla y David Rivarés
Asociación de Amigos de la Colegiata de Bolea - C/Medio Nº 3 - 22160 - BOLEA (Huesca)